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About Us



Come string some happiness with us!
Phyllis, James and Barry


Ferocious Guardians #1 & 2
(Puppy and Penny)



Our Dashing Grandson



Barry tried to teach me
how to use the cash register,
but my paws just wouldn't work



Ferocious Guardian #3
(Zero was named for the little dog in the movie “Nightmare Before Christmas". She's part Whippet & about 12 years old)

Once upon a time...

...there was a Little Princess
who used to love candy.
But one day,
she became enchanted
by beads of all colors,
sizes and shapes.

Together with her
Prince Charming and her
Dashing Grandson,
she created a magical castle
they called SewBeadazzled
and entrusted it to their
four Ferocious Guardians.
Now, she could live
among her beautiful
beaded treasures.

But the Little Princess
did not want to keep
such beautiful treasures
all to herself.
So she decided
to send a messenger
to every corner of the kingdom
to spread the good news
about her charming castle.

Soon, many wonderful people
from the neighboring lands
came to visit and share
in the beauty
of this captivating place...

... and the Little Princess,
her caring family,
her new friends,
and her beloved beads,
lived happily ever after.

The End








It's a wonderful world
So, be dazzled!



Magic always begins
with love



It's a big operation... the
fusion of beads and joy,
but somebody's gotta do it.
(Yes, it's our grandson
the future vet)



Ferocious Guardian #4
(Miss Molly B found her “Forever
Home & Couch" about 10 years ago.
All our girls do beading.
Company name: "Faux Paws".)


The Entrance to the Castle


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