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Nancy Banks




My journey started at age 12 when I was assembling and selling beaded necklaces in Hawaii. Many years later I discovered and became addicted to polymer clay and then to Precious Metal Clay. This allows me to create my own components and gives me a wider design range.

Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a compound of minute particles of silver, water and an organic binding. You work the raw material just like clay. When the pieces are fired, the water evaporates and the organic binder burns off, leaving you with a finished product that is fine silver.


Phyllis Martin-Rennie



I have been working with beads for many years. Five years ago, my husband, my grandson and I, opened our bead store, SewBeadazzled, in San Jose, CA. My God-given talent for mixing colors and designing helps me to teach my students how to make those special gifts from the heart. This is my passion.

My energy and enthusiasm for teaching is powered when I hear my students say "I wonder how it would look if I use this bead, or add this component to this piece?" Life is good at my beading table.

Karen Quiñonez

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Karen is an avid beader. Her first bead love was the loom. She once made a sacrament cloth on the loom charting over 300 hours on this project. You may recognize her as your child's Girl Scout leader since Karen also enjoys sharing her craft talents with children.




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