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Letters from the Edge


February, 2019

The last few years have been a little difficult for SewBeadazzled. Being a caregiver isn't easy, and it took its toll on the store. Store hours being shortened, merchandise becoming low, and other hard hits leaving me questioning myself of what to do after us losing Barry.

After long talks with myself, here is the plan! Here are the changes: more merchandise is being added daily (Zoey and I have shopped and taught in Tucson); there are new Czech bead colors, 100 pounds of semi-precious stone, and 50+ new colors of seed beads.

We will be extending our business hours starting in April, re-opening again on Wednesdays.

I would like you to invite you to celebrate with us our Spring Fling Rejuvenation this April 12th, 13th, and 14th. We will be honoring you, our customers, with refreshments, prizes, and sales. We made it through our store fire once, losing everything, so why not breathe new life into Sewbeadazzled 19 years later?

Thank you for all of your support, but most of all the strength you've given to me personally.

Keep Your Hearts Beadin',
~ Phyllis ~

August, 2016

Now we are in the summer of 2016 and in our 16th year here.
We've been through many changes: two-hole beads are in our store, new seed bead colors, 2mm beads, and more!
But the way we run our store is the same as when we first opened; we are still us!
I travel more to teach, and I still hand-pick everything that comes into our store, making sure we maintain a great quality of beads. Pride is very important to us; no junk! (Whew, calm down Bead Bitch)! We are still that "Lead-Free Store"!
As for James, well he got married and is very happy and still very tall!
Be Safe! ~Barry & Phyllis

Zoey still travels with me to teach!

Keep Your Hearts Beadin',
~ Phyllis ~

July, 2014

Oh my gosh! Seems like yesterday people said we were making a big mistake opening a bead store. That was 15 years ago!

Barry will be somewhere and people yell out "Hey Bead man". He does most of the repairs as well as some of the designing for customers. And to think he knew absolutely nothing about beads when we opened.

James has a full-time job at Google and is a full-time college student majoring in law enforcement. At 6'8" heís still the gentle giant he has been forever. We are very proud of him.

Me, I love teaching at the store, for the Interweave Bead Fest shows, and for The Best Bead Show. I like the challenge of designing even better than chocolate.

We have our four rescue dogs including Zoey, my Havanese travel companion who goes with me everywhere. She is hilarious and loves to meet everyone.

All of our customers have made this happen! Thank you so much for all of your support. You are truly part of our family!

Keep Your Hearts Beadin',
~ Phyllis ~

March, 2010

There have been so many times I've tried to write this to all our friends and supporters of Sew Beadazzled, and now I feel it's time. On January 13th I had a stroke. As the very independent and ornery person that I am, it was very difficult to depend on someone to help me walk. My biggest concern has been my family. I want to thank everyone's patience and understanding in the re-scheduling of my classes. This is our plan: we will be closed on March 21 and re-open March 25 for much needed R & R. I will start teaching again in April. This stroke will not own me, although Physical Therapy has been kicking my fanny, so I will be repeating all my first quarter classes. I do believe that I was really only zapped with more creative juices, so watch out for some new great classes in the future!

Once again, Thank you for your support and kind words, and we will be laughing together again!

Keep Your Hearts Beadin',
~ Phyllis ~

April, 2009

Didn't we just take down the Christmas lights? While teaching at The Shepherdess last week I had the fun fortune of meeting some great people. Looking forward to teaching there again.

SewBeadazzled present:
We now have some great vintage buttons. They can be used as wonderful focal pieces or just great "Look at" buttons. This collection includes hand-painted pieces.

We are putting together a beading camp for kids that will start in July. This is very exciting for us at SewBeadazzled as it's great to teach the kids! More to come in a few weeks.

Look for many new great colors in seed beads coming to our shelves within the next two weeks. We invite you to take a look!

Keep Your Hearts Beadin',
~ Phyllis ~

September, 2008

Wow! Fall is here. I have unpacked my suitcase for the last out-of-town teaching trip this year and Iím ready to summarize my travels; Beaders united everywhere I taught. I felt so welcomed. We all shared stories and some of us vowed to meet up again. Weather was great, food was wonderful and, most of all, it is nice to be back home.

FALL CLASSES @ SEWBEADAZZLED: I have tried to put together a teaching calendar with you and holiday gifts in mind. As we all draw closer together because of our shrinking economy, itís nice to have handmade gifts from the heart. We are offering many classes that wonít cost you a fortune in beads or wire, and will let you make something you can be very proud to give as "remembrances" to those on your list. This is just our way of saying thank you for being you!

HOLIDAY HOURS: Closing dates and times : Wed, Nov 26th. at 4pm, Wed, Dec 24th at 2pm and Closed Thurs the 25th. WE WILL RE-OPEN Fri, Dec 26th at our regular hours. We will Close on Dec 31st at 3pm and remain closed through Jan 6th. Re-openning Wed, Jan 7th at 10am.
WE WILL BE OPEN MON, DEC 22nd 10am-6pm

Keep Your Hearts Beadin',
~ Phyllis ~

March, 2008

As you have seen, we have a “New Look “ on our website. The look has been designed with you in mind. It’s a representation of our store, more "user friendly”. We will always continue to try to offer nothing but the best for our customers. You deserve it!

We are continuing to get new beads at SewBeadazzled. Have you seen our new seed bead colors? I’m looking forward to my next bead-buying adventure the week after Easter. Please don’t forget our annual TAX RELIEF STOCK-UP SALE. You pay NO TAX & you get 10% off from April 14th to April 20th. I want to say a big "Thanks!" to our very talented Nancy Banks for her Free PMC Torch Firing Demo. It was a very informative night.

And as usual...

Keep Your Hearts Beadin',
~ Phyllis ~

January, 2008

Wow! 2008!... and it's already looking like we have a busy year ahead of us.

I’ve been thinking about you, our customers. I just know this is going to be your year! Be good to yourselves, you deserve it. Live life and have fun!

We are looking forward to June. It's Graduation Day for James. This will be a double event, since he will be graduating from High School and Veterinarian Technician training.

I have a hectic out-of-state and out-of-country teaching schedule: the Friendship Bead Retreat in Quebec, Canada (July), the Philadelphia Bead Fest (August), and Crystal Myths, in Tucson (September). I will also be teaching at the IBE shows (May through October); plus my regular teaching schedule at SewBeadazzled. Whew!

Remember to make something beautiful for yourself and...

Wear It Like You Deserve It!
~ Phyllis ~

November, 2007

California’s landmark legislation regulating lead content in jewelry has not been widely covered in either jewelry trade or consumer publications. The State of California has established a web page, “Lead in Jewelry”, that provides a great deal of information about the law that came into effect in September 2007. This web page contains background data on the legislation, resource materials concerning health issues, and deadlines for compliance with the law. To read more, click here.

Stay safe,
~ Phyllis~

September, 2007

"Lead poisoning continues to be one of the most serious environmental threats to the children of this country," said EPA Administrator Carol Browner.

Lead poisoning in children —and in unborn fetuses whose mothers have been exposed to lead—, has been associated with behavioral problems, learning disabilities, hearing problems, and growth retardation. A child who is exposed to large amounts of lead may develop kidney damage, colic, muscle weakness, and brain damage —which can ultimately kill the child, according to consumer reports.

The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) initiated legal action against many retailers citing numerous cases of children with serious lead poisoning due to jewelry exposure. After eighteen months, CEH negotiated a settlement with the retailers: strict standards for lead levels in metal components and coatings must contain 600 parts per million; while plastic components can range from 1400 to 20,000 ppm —metal components had often tested as high as 950,000 or 95% lead. Please keep in mind that CEH also knows that it will be impractical for many manufactures of jewelry components to follow through with this agreement.

One of our most important goals here at SewBeadazzled has always been to offer a “lead free" store to our customers. However, there have been so few conversations on the subject of lead content in jewelry, that we were still left with many questions while researching merchandise for our store.

It was the summer, so I decided to take my grandson James on a “bead buying adventure”. We meant business when we said we wanted to meet every vendor and we wanted them to get to know us. We still do business this way, since it is important for us to maintain the “No Lead “standards. We realize that products will be touched, purchased, and worn by very special people: our customers. In our quest, we found out that anything from China in the bead world has a heavy lead content. After interviewing many vendors about their supplies —and suppliers—, it was time to make some purchasing decisions for our family-owned and operated bead store.

Now, at SewBeadazzled, we are very proud to offer only jewelry components and stringing materials made in California, and craft wire manufactured in the United States. Czech glass beads —although imported—, have no traces of lead. We do offer Swarovski crystals that are 32% lead, and we have posted a sign to that effect. For us, it is not only about making our clients aware of these issues. It is also about being concerned with the people who might be wearing your creations. Our children are our best assets in life.

This lead poisoning topic is such a serious subject, that even though its tone does not reflect the high energy you feel when you walk into our store, we thought it was well worth exploring. Since we spend so much time here, this store has become our home; and as such, we'd like to keep it safe.

Please come in and see us!
~ Phyllis~

February, 2007

When I was younger I used to hear people say: "The older you get, the faster time goes by". Now I’m thinking to myself: "Wow where did the beginning of the year go?" My advice to myself is: “Just keep breathin’ baby!"

We have some great changes going on at SewBeadazzled —soon to include a Clearance Shelf. Also, please look for a “Beading tips” section on our website in the near future.

Did I mention that James got his driver’s license in December? My DMV prayer went like this: "OK, God, do what you think is best for everyone on the road... whatever it may be. I’ll deal with the outcome at this end... whatever it might be". He is a good driver, although a little slow. As Barry has reminded him: "This car did come with an accelerator, you know”.

Either way... Life is Good!

Keep your hearts beadin’,
~ Phyllis ~


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